MotorCities National Heritage Area

SWD AHG Msthd 5.7.20


Welcome to the Southwest Detroit Auto Heritage Guide, a resource chronicling the auto legacy built by the entrepreneurs, workers, businesses, and unions of Southwest Detroit. 

1 FIRMS SITES WelcomeVisit Firms & Sites for the stories of key Southwest Detroit businesses and places. The recommended order of viewing sites outlined there offers a chronological arc of the neighborhood’s auto legacy.


2 COMMUNITY HISTORY WelcomeCommunity History puts into context the trends and topics highlighted in the stories of individual firms and neighborhood sites.


3 LABOR ROOTS WelcomeLabor History posts explore the emergence of the United Auto Workers union in the late 1930s, its achievements, and the challenges it confronted in the decades that followed.


4 WE AUTO KNOW MORE WelcomeThe We “Auto” Know More page explains our interest in profiling other firms. We anticipate paying tribute to the ties of various ethnic communities to the auto industry while documenting the histories of Teamsters Local 299 and the United Steel Workers Local 1299.


5 BUILD THE GUIDE WelcomeThis section introduces you to those responsible for developing the Guide and outlines how you can help contribute to future Guide updates.


6 MAP WelcomeThe Map harnesses Google Map features to permit viewers to locate the sites that are featured in the Guide. The thumbnails featured there allow easy access to our site profiles while identifying other important cultural resources that highlight Motor City auto history.



Detroit Historical Society
Lincoln Motor Car Company / Ford Local 600 Women’s Auxiliary Workshop

Detroit Public Library, National Automotive History Collection
DeSoto Plant

Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University
Michigan Central Station Passengers / GM Cadillac Sit Down Strike Pickets