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Stop 2: Auto Pioneers & The Assembly

Have you ever wondered about the beginnings of the automotive industry? How did the first car companies come to be? Who made a significant impact on the automotive industry and what did they do that made their contributions so special?

Click on any of the links below to watch the videos of your choice to learn about some of the amazing people that helped to shape and innovate the automotive industry. After you watch the videos, test your knowledge by completing the automotive pioneer crossword puzzle highlighting their accomplishments!

MotorCitiesNHA Auto Pioneers CrosswordActivity 3: Identify MotorCities National Heritage Area (MCNHA) Auto Pioneers Crossword Puzzle
Click here to complete the crossword puzzle. Once you have completed it, be sure to take a screen capture or save it as a PDF. You will want to upload it using the online form. This is the form you will fill out when you have completed all your stops or activities.


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