MotorCities National Heritage Area

MotorCities National Heritage Area is an affiliate of the National Park Service dedicated to preserving, interpreting and promoting the automotive and labor heritage of the State of Michigan. MotorCities was designated by U.S. Congress in 1998 to preserve the cultural and historic landscape associated with the automobile in Southeastern and Central Michigan.

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Dingell, Levin Introduce Legislation to Protect MotorCities National Heritage Area

MotorCities National Heritage Area has exciting news to share! Congressman John D. Dingell and Senator Carl Levin introduced the MotorCities National Heritage Area Extension Act, which would keep the Heritage Area from losing the authority to receive federal funding.

We thank Congressman Dingell and Senator Levin for this encouraging first step towards extension.

$5 A-Day for Ford Highland Park Model T Plant

What if your $5 could help save, a National Historic Landmark? You can. As a supporter of the Woodward Avenue Action Association (WA3) and the All American Road, we are asking you to support the WA3's Crowd Funding Campaign to save and restore two buildings at the Ford Highland Park Plant. We've raised 80% of the funds needed to reach our goal. We need another $125,000 by September 19. Please help us for every dollar counts!

2014 MotorCities Grant Program

Challenge Cost Share Program provides up to 20% match for projects. Projects can be phased over multiple years with a more complex funding strategy. Applicants must be Michigan based non-profits. They must become active members of MotorCities National Heritage Area and maintain membership for the duration of the grant award period. The next application deadline is February 2014.

The 1918 Cadillac A Historic Achievement

The year 1918 was a time when American men and women were engaged with the war time activities in Europe during World War I and President Woodrow Wilson was serving in the White House. Just to put things in perspective, in 1918, five pounds of flour cost $.35 cents and a new home cost the consumer $4,821. This was also the year when Chevrolet became a part of General Motors.

Presentations on Henry Ford

Several presentations are available to your organization to help celebrate Henry Ford's 150th birthday anniversary. An overview presentation, Henry Ford: His Life and Times covers his inventions, his family and his contributions to the world. It also deals with the more controversial aspects of his personality and life.