MotorCities National Heritage Area

MotorCities National Heritage Area is an affiliate of the National Park Service dedicated to preserving, interpreting and promoting the automotive and labor heritage of the State of Michigan. MotorCities was designated by U.S. Congress in 1998 to preserve the cultural and historic landscape associated with the automobile in Southeastern and Central Michigan.

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Preserving the auto and labor story in Southeast Michigan
Read more about the MotorCities National Heritage Area and its mission to preserve, promote and interpret auto and labor heritage in the region:

Hon. John Dingell, UAW receive MotorCities Milestone Awards

Recently, the MotorCities National Heritage Area bestowed Milestone Awards to two of our founding partners: The Hon. John D. Dingell and International Union, UAW.

Awards of Excellence recipients announced at special ceremony

Three recipients for the 2015 MotorCities National Heritage Awards of Excellence were announced in a special ceremony held on Tuesday:

A brief history on the Product Miniature Company

The Product Miniature Company (1946-1965) produced some of the most collectible toy cars once used widely for marketing and advertising by auto companies such as Chevrolet and International Trucks.

2015 Michigan Auto Heritage Day

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the MotorCities celebrated our rich auto and labor story in Michigan with state lawmakers and supporters during a special ceremony at the State Capitol Building in Lansing. Thanks to all who participated!

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