90th Anniversary of the Packard Proving Grounds

Event Date: Thursday, June 14 2018

Event Location: Packard Proving Grounds

90th Anniversary Packard Celebration

At the Packard Proving Grounds, June 14


The historic Packard Proving Grounds, designed and built by the legendary architect Albert Kahn, celebrates its 90th Anniversary on Thursday, June 14.


To honor the milestone, the Packard Motor Car Foundation will hold a special gala celebration on the grounds from 6 to 9 p.m. The Historic Packard Proving Grounds, a national and Michigan historic site, is located at 49965 Van Dyke at 22 ½  Mile Road in Shelby Township, MI.


The grand evening will include a strolling dinner, drinks, birthday cake, a unique “Fashion and the Automobile” fashion show and display as well as guided tours around the site and lots of classic Packards on display.


Tickets are $90 each which includes a $50 donation to the Packard Motor Car Foundation and covers the cost of food, drinks and entertainment.


Tickets are available by going to www.PackardProvingGrounds.org.

The event is part of the Macomb County Bicentennial events.


One of the “star-cars” on display at the grand evening will be the famous Miller Special race car that comes to the Packard Proving Grounds all the way from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The record breaking and beautifully restored race car made its last appearance at the Packard Proving Grounds on June 14, 1928, the opening day of the Grounds. After winning the pole at the Indy 500 in May of 1928, Leon Duray was invited to bring his Miller Special to the Proving Ground for high speed runs on the brand new test track on its opening day. One of those laps was clocked at over 148 mph, setting a world record for a closed-course track. The record stood until 1954 – 26 years!


“We are especially honored that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum chose to share this famous race car with us for this historic celebration,” said Roger Luksik, Packard Motor Car Foundation President. “The Foundation and its partners has been working diligently to restore the proving grounds to its original glory. Improvements have made it a sought after destination for special events including weddings and by using it in this way we’ve created an income stream that allows us to continue to restore the historic landmark and tell the important story of its role in the history of the automobile.”


The historic Packard Proving Grounds was established in 1927 by the Packard Motor Car Company and opened on June 14,1928. The unique site hosts multiple Albert Kahn designed buildings located on 17 acres. This includes the famous oval test track (part of which still stands) where the most innovative cars of the era raced and were tested.



For more information go to www.PackardProvingGrounds.org

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