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Model T

The Henry Ford

Check out The Henry Ford's online store for exclusive Model T gifts.  Original prints, toys, ornaments, coasters, t-shirts and more. 

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Model T Automotive Heritage Complex
The T-Plex Gift Shop offers many unique automotive related posters, pins, shirts and publications. Gift Shop purchases help fund the work being done at the Model T Automotive Heritage Complex.

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 The Model T:  A Centennial History 
 by Robert Casey

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The Model T: A pictorial chronology of the most famous car in the world.
by Robert Kreipke

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Ford Model T:  The Car That Put the World on Wheels
by Lindsey Brooke

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GMnext Store


Visit the GMnext store for officially licensed GMnext gear.





William C. Durant:  In his own words
The unedited memoirs of William C. Durant published by the Scharchburg Archives at Kettering University.

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