User Guide

Here are helpful tips:

Venue Menu

Use the Toolbar at the bottom of the page to find venues by category, location or just use the alphabetical list.

You can select multiple venues from different venue categories. The map will save your selections so you can plan a trip or create a historical map resource

Venue Details
- Push Pins indicate venue location. If you want to see more on a specific venue click the push pin or click the 'i' icon on the menu. This will load a micro web site for this venue over the top of the map.

Remove a push pin - Click the selected venue on the menu and you will remove the push pin from the map.

Start Over
- Click the 'Clear Map' button located on the venue tool bar. This will remove all push pins from the map.

Map Navigator - This tool allows you to move over the entire map while adjusting your zoom level from large view of entire region to the close view of communities, cities and venues.

Use the zoom in and out feature to make the map view as detailed as you would like.

Use the red shaded box to sweep over the region while maintaining the same zoom level.Â

The map navigator tool can be minimized by clicking on the red dash in the top right corner.


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