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Published: 04.17.2014
1955: A Great Year for Chevrolet
By: Robert Tate - Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images: Courtesy of The National Automotive History Collection

1955 was a great year for Chevrolet. During that model year Chevrolet was the number one vehicle in automotive sales. The base price for Chevrolet vehicles ranged from anywhere between $1,593 and $2,799. The 1955 Chevrolet models were introduced to the public in October of 1954.

Published: 04.08.2014
Remembering the "Forward Look" by Chrysler Corporation
By Robert Tate/ Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images - Courtesy of Robert Tate's collection

In 1955, Chrysler presented its new line of cars to the general public Friday, October 29, 1954 - November, 17, 1954. The new line of vehicles was called the "Forward Look". From bumper to bumper and from their frames to their roof designs, the new Chrysler De Soto, Dodge, Imperial, and Plymouth models were completely restyled. It was a fresh, new and contemporary approach to car design.

Published: 03.31.2014
Remembering the early days of the AMT corporation 1950's-70's
By- Robert Tate- Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images - Courtesy of Robert Tate's collection

When you hear the name AMT, many of you will probably ask the question, who was AMT? What did the company manufacture?

Published: 03.26.2014
The Legacy and Creative Moments of William Clay Ford
By Robert Tate- Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images- Courtesy of The National Automotive History Collection

When I heard the news of Mr. William Clay Ford’s passing, I experienced a feeling of sadness. A great individual has died and the automotive world has lost someone who was not only very well respected but who had also demonstrated great leadership skills at Ford Motor Company.

Published: 03.18.2014
The Early Days of Transportation Postcards
By: Robert Tate
Automotive Historian/Researcher
Images - National Automotive History Collection postcard collection

Remember the good ole days when people would send postcards to their family members each time they traveled around the country or explored a new place? It was a way of saying "We wish you were here!” and “Look at these great images from my recent trip."

Published: 03.11.2014
The Rise and Fall of De Soto Manufacturing
By Robert Tate- Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images - Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection

The De Soto manufacturing plant was located at the corner of Wyoming and McGraw in Detroit Michigan. However, the first De Soto automobiles were assembled at the Highland Park facility plant in addition to Plymouth. These automobiles were produced in 1928 when the new De Soto models were introduced to the public. Later, De Soto manufacturing was transferred from the Wyoming plant to the Jefferson assembly plant in 1959.

Published: 03.04.2014
Remembering Those Great GM Motorama Shows
By Robert Tate- Automotive Historian/ Researcher
Images - courtesy of General Motors Archives

Known as one of the most influential and exciting shows in automotive history, General Motor’s Motorama was made popular during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The journey of Motorama shows started in 1950, at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Published: 02.25.2014
Remembering the Levacar Mach I by Ford
By Robert Tate- Automotive Historian/Researcher
Images-Courtesy Bob Tate's collection

During the 1950's, Mr. Andrew A. Kucher, who was Ford's Vice President of engineering and the head of the Scientific Laboratory was the visionary a new concept model called the Levacar Mach I by Ford Motor company.

Published: 02.17.2014
Remembering The Early Days Of Corvette Racing
By: Rober Tate, Automotive Historian/Researcher
Photographs courtesy - The National Automotive History Collection

Corvette models have always been a major influence in Motor-Sports racing. When you look back throughout automotive history, Corvettes have a long history of being one of the greatest leaders in road racing.

Published: 02.10.2014
A History Of African -Americans Featured In Automotive Advertising 1957-
By- Robert Tate-Automotive Historian/Researcher.
Images-courtesy of Bob Tate's collection.

The journey of African Americans in automotive advertising starts with the year 1957. The 1950's was a period of change and style within the automotive market as more people of all cultures were beginning to purchase new homes as well as new automobiles.

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