Libraries and Archives

Benson Ford Research Center
The Benson Ford Research Center holdings include the historical records and photographs of Ford Motor Company and The Henry Ford, the Henry Austin Clark, Jr., Automotive History Collection, and other major holdings in automotive, industrial, social and cultural American history. Its collections form an unparalleled resource documenting the American experience.

Buick Gallery and Research Center
Sloan Museum's Buick Automotive Gallery and Research Center typically features 20 classic and concept Buicks, Chevrolets and other locally built automobiles. The Buick Automotive Gallery is also home to the Sloan Museum's Perry Archives.

Burton Historical Collection - Detroit Public Library
The Burton Historical Collection (BHC) of the Detroit Public Library is a large collection of original documents that started as the private library of Clarence Monroe Burton.

Detroit Auto Scene
Detroit's oldest free newspaper has been covering the automotive industry since 1933.

Detroit Public Library-National Automotive History Collection
Located in the Rose and Robert Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library, the National Automotive History Collection (NAHC) is regarded as the nation's premier public automotive archive documenting the history and development of the automobile and other forms of motorized, wheeled land transportation in the United States and abroad.

Kettering - Scharchburg Archives
Now a part of Kettering University, this 30-year-old Industrial History Collection began with the acquisition of William C. Durant's Collection. The noncirculating library has photographic duplication services for the extensive business, industrial, and economic industry as it relates to the automotive market.

Michigan State University Labor and Industrial Relations Library
The Labor and Industrial Relations library at Michigan State University is a non-circulating reference collection with access to the printed and electronic information in the rest of the University Libraries' system. Areas of strength include labor and employment law, published grievance arbitration decisions, and labor history. Unique among its holdings are Michigan public sector collections.

University of Michigan- Bentley Historical Library
What did Detroit have to do with the Good Roads Movement?...

Walter P. Reuther Library Archives
Dedicated to preserve the many faces of Labor and Urban Affairs is this multifaceted collection located on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit. Special emphasis has been placed on the related areas surrounding the metropolitan area of Detroit and especially industrial unionism.

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By Robert Tate, Automotive Historian and Researcher Images Courtesy of Robert Tate's Collection

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