Wayne County Road Commission Photos & Journals secured

Working with the Michigan Historical Museum, MotorCities has recently secured priceless historic photos and journals of the former Wayne County Road Commission. These artifacts were rescued previously by Nancy Darga, the Director of MotorCities National Heritage Area, from a dumpster during the turmoil days of reorganizing Wayne County in the 1980's. They were in danger of being lost again as the County moved out of the former Wayne County Road Commission building at 415 Clifford in Detroit. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners and Mr. Robert Ficano, the County Executive, took bold steps, turning these artifacts over to the State to be protected in a climate controlled facility with appropriate archival treatment. Mark Harvey, the Director of Collections & Education at the Detroit Historical Museum, said " We are happy to be able to preserve these valuable photos and documents and make them available to the public for the first time".

Nancy Darga explained that "saving these artifacts is just the first step in preserving an important heritage. We are working with the Michigan Historical Museum to scan these documents for public viewing. It is time to bring attention to Wayne County's innovations, because it was those innovations that led to the first mile of concrete, the first modern traffic light, the first snow plow, the first depressed limited access freeway and even the painted white line that delineates lanes which save lives daily".

Please view the simple video linked below. MotorCities will secure additional rare artifacts and release more information as the project continues to unfold.

Wayne County Road Commission Photos

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