Michigan Road Trips

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network received a grant from MotorCities National Heritage Area to develop and execute "Michigan Road Trips" workshop and tour as part of the annual Michigan Historic Preservation Network Conference. The all-day workshop discussed ways on developing, promoting, and marketing irreplaceable heritage sites within different communities.

First, participants heard from those currently making a difference in Michigan. The keynote, What'cha Gotω Building Partnerships when Cash is Scare, offers creative responses to economic challenges. Next a group road trip delves into the region's heritage.

Trails to Rails and Henry Ford explored the role of transportation over two centuries, including the impact of rapid growth on a typical Midwestern city during the Civil War and WWII. The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum (and last Hudson dealership), the world's largest collector car dealer RM Classics, and Willow Run were highlights.

The Life and Times of Esck Pray links the 19th century historic resources; steps to preserve this precious rural corridor are discussed. Stops included the Geer Farm, Village of Dixboro, and Parker Mill.

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