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The summer months are approaching and the car engines are revving up! Whether it is the shine of a brass era vehicle on a lush Councours backdrop, or the roar of V8 up and down one of Michigan's historic roads or the blur of a NASCAR vehicle traveling at 200 mph, our region offers something for all segments of the car culture and their families.

Autopalooza was created as the umbrella to coordinate and cross promote our coolest automotive events and attractions. The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, Travel Michigan and MotorCities National Heritage Area started this tourism collaboration in 2008 with a focus on the major, special, automotive attractions in the region that are also opportunities to market outside of our region. Since then the project has grown and more partners are adding their unique events to the mix.

Several meetings are being held leading up the summer events to discuss the summer events and toshare ideas about cross promoting each other this year and for years to come. The Autopalooza website was also discussed in further detail as well as possible merchandising.

Top Row (left to right): Dean Greb, MotorCities Board of Directors; Brian Yopp, MotorCities Director of Operations and Stewarship Liasion; Don Nicholson, Cruisin’ Michigan Ave; Tanya Lane, Back to the Bricks; Chris Baum, Detroit Metro CVB; Jim McCarter, Concours d’Elegance of America at Meadow Brook; Bill Chapin, Chapin & Co.

Bottom Row (left to right): Steve Casner, Back to the Bricks; Dennis Bickmeier, Michigan International Speedway; Al Hatch, Back to the Bricks; Chris Pokorski, Detroit Metro CVB

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