Parks, Gardens, and Cemeteries

Applewood Estate Gardens
Visit the apple orchards, rose and perennial gardens of Flint's "hidden piece of paradise"

Belle Isle
Once the testing grounds for R. E. Olds' Curved Dash vehicle, this island park is the perfect place for a picnic.

Conner Creek
Take a ride down the Conner Creek Greenway and memory lane to find why Detroit was, and still is, the automotive capital of the world.

Cranbrook Gardens
Savor the serenity of the Oriental Garden, the casual beauty of the bog gardens, the symmetry of the sunken garden and the scent of herbaceous borders�

Eastside Historic Cemetery District
Walk through the Medieval-style gatehouses and early Gothic Chapel in Detroit's three oldest cemeteries

Edsel & Eleanor Ford House
Let the carefully crafted landscape architecture engage all five of your senses- the sight of the many colors and shapes, the sound of water running, the smell of flowers in bloom, the taste of berries and the feeling of being surrounded by nature�

Edsel & Eleanor Ford's Haven Hill Estate
2008 Highland Barn Tour & HVCA Equine Divine Art Exhibit

Ella Sharp Park
One of the first parks in Jackson dedicated to the auto driving tour

Ford Family Cemetery
The final resting place of Henry and Clara Ford.

Glenwood Cemetery
Take a drive through the rolling landscape and winding roadways of this 19th century cemetery. You'll begin to understand why so many of this period's authors found cemeteries irresistibly romantic�

Hidden Lake Gardens
Enjoy a soothing drive as you discover the secret gems of this beautiful garden�

Mt. Hope Cemetery
Climb the marble steps to the grand R. E. Olds tomb�

Sharon Mills County Park
Canoe down the lazy river and enjoy a picnic lunch at this 1835 mill...

Woodlawn Cemetery
Breathtaking stained glass windows, grand statues and intricate architecture complement the peaceful park that is home to both the Dodge and Ford families�

Woodmere Cemetery
Pay respects to the row of graves bearing the epitaph "His Life for a Union"-the final resting place for four of the 1932 Ford Hunger Marchers...

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Story of the Week:

Published: 07.01.2015
Dandy Dick Landy, Race Car Legend
By: Robert Tate, Automotive Historian/Researcher
Images: Courtesy of Robert Tate's Collection

Mr. Richard J. Landy was one of the best automotive Stock Car/Drag racing drivers in the country during the 1960's and 1970's. His memorable career and performances covers nearly five decades of automotive racing. Racing fans from all over the world called him Dandy Dick. He and the Sox & Martin racing team dominated their competition which included other racing groups as well as other manufacturers. The popular Hemi engine that was introduced by the Chrysler Corporation during the 1950's helped to launch Mr. Landy's racing career.

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