Parks, Gardens, and Cemeteries

Applewood Estate Gardens
Visit the gardens that surround the former home of C.S. Mott. Mott was a major figure in the development of General Motors. During your trip here, you can wander through the apple orchards and rose and perennial gardens. Garden tours by appointment.

Belle Isle State Park
Belle Isle Park is a 982-acre island park located in Detroit with historic, environmental, and cultural resources that have been beloved for generations.

Conner Creek Industrial Area
Now home to Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly plant, the Conner Creek area served as an industrial powerhouse in the formative days of the auto industry in Detroit. Conner Creek is the former manufacturing base of the Hudson Motor Car Co.

Cranbrook Gardens
The Cranbrook House and Gardens transports visitors back in time to early 20th century in Detroit by sharing the story of George Gough Booth and his wife Ellen Warren Scripps, eldest child to James Edmund Scripps who founded The Detroit News.

Eastside Historic Cemetery District
Visit the graves of many important figures from Detroit's automotive past and more in one of the city's oldest cemeteries. Grave sites include automotive pioneers, abolition leaders, Michigan veterans dating back to the British and Indian war and political leaders such as territorial governor Lewis Cass.

Edsel & Eleanor Ford's Haven Hill Estate
Visit Edsel & Eleanor Ford's family estate on Haven Hill, located within the Highland State Recreation area. Edsel Ford broke ground on the estate in 1923 and lived and visited there until his death in 1943. The property was sold to the state in 1946.

Ford Family Cemetery
The final resting place for many from the Ford and Ruddimen families including Henry Ford I. The cemetery resides on the grounds of St. Martha's Commons which was purchased by Henry Ford's great-grandfather, George Ford. The former St. Martha's Episcopal Church building is also located on the grounds, built by Clara Bryant Ford and named in memory of her mother.

Glenwood Cemetery
Founded in 1857, this cemetery features meandering roadways where you may visit the graves of several automotive moguls including Charles S. Mott, James S. Whiting, J. Dallas-Dort, Harlow Curtice of General Motors and William A. Patterson.

Hart Plaza/Transcending
Hart Plaza is an outdoor, urban recreation area on the Detroit River Front featuring the iconic 'Transcending' monument dedicated to the labor movement and strength of the men and women who built Detroit.

Hidden Lake Gardens
With miles of hiking trails awaiting guest, this facility is tucked around the beautiful Hidden Lake in the southern Irish Hills. The Hidden Lake Gardens stands as part of a great collection of roadside attractions within the pastoral Irish Hills region.

Mt. Hope Cemetery
This 80-acre cemetery opened in 1874, and became the final resting place of Ransom Eli Olds in 1950.  Olds founded Oldsmobile, manufacturer of the first commercially successful American-made automobile. He also founded the Reo Motor Car Company, a lawn-mower company and a retirement community in Florida.

Sharon Mills County Park
Another piece of Henry Ford's Village Industries, the former grist mill was bought by the auto mogul in the 1920s and quickly rebuilt with a still-functional hydroelectric generator. At its peak, the Sharon Mills employed about 15 workers who manufactured cigar lighters.

Woodlawn Cemetery
Woodlawn Cemetery is the final resting place for members of the Ford and Dodge families.

Woodmere Cemetery
Several automotive pioneers, including David Buick and Henry Leland, are interned at Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, but the site may be best known as the final resting place for four of the 1932 Ford Hunger Marchers who were shot and killed as they protested for better working conditions.

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