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Looking for that interesting piece of history or that unique auto photo? Head to the Buick Gallery and Perry Archives...

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If it has happened in Detroit, you can learn more by visiting this amazing library that began as the personal collection of one man...

Detroit Auto Scene
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Detroit Public Library National Automotive History Collection
The world's largest automotive archive in the heart of the Motor City. Invaluable collections of service manuals, sales brochures, photographs, histories.

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University of Michigan- Bentley Historical Library
What did Detroit have to do with the Good Roads Movement?...

Walter P. Reuther Library Archives
The best stop in the United States to explore the nation's labor story...

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Story of the Week:

Published: 08.26.2015
Remembering the “Mod Top," Plymouth's Floral Top Car Design
By: Robert Tate, Automotive Historian & Researcher
Images: Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection
Mod Top vehicle owned by collector Dave Goodwin

I remember years ago attending the Kruse International car show/auction in Auburn, Indiana and for the first time looking at a 1969 Barracuda “Mod Top” automobile that was on display. I knew at that moment that this car would forever be a part of our automotive history and culture. In 1969, the ‘flower power’ psychedelic period which many people still have many fond memories off was prevalent in many aspects of the 1960’s culture. Also at that time you were probably listening to the great sounds of the American folk singing trio Peter Paul and Mary singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. Perhaps you were even enjoying the sounds of the great Jimi Hendrix.

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