William C. Ford Jr.

Executive Chairman William Clay Ford, Jr., is leading the company that put the world on wheels into the 21st century.

Mr. Ford joined the Board of Directors in 1988 and has been its chairman since January 1999. He serves as chairman of the board's Finance Committee and as a member of the Environmental and Public Policy Committee. He also served as chief executive officer of the company from October 2001 to September 2006, when he was named executive chairman.

As CEO, Mr. Ford improved quality, lowered costs and delivered exciting new products to customers. During his time in that position he took the company from a $5.5 billion loss in 2001 to three straight years of profitability. Through the years, his vision for the company has remained unchanged.

Mr. Ford's charitable, volunteer and business efforts are highlighted by his commitment to the city of Detroit. Mr. Ford is Chairman of the Board of the Detroit Economic Club (DEC) and a co-chair of The National Summit convened by the DEC in June 2009. He also is a member of the Board of Trustees of The Henry Ford, the Board of Directors of eBay Inc. and Business Leaders for Michigan, where he also serves as Vice Chair.

William Clay Ford Jr.
Executive Chairman
Ford Motor Company
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