Ted O'Dell, Treasurer


Ted O’Dell is an accomplished Chief Executive and Operations Manager with a proven ability to develop and implement strategies that support the overall objectives for the greater good of the community through advocacy.

He has served in both elected and appointed public office including that of Township Supervisor and City Manager. As City Manager, he spearheaded the planning and restoration of a historic municipal hydro-electric facility turning it into a revenue stream for the city and a community educational opportunity with an emphasis on history, environment and clean energy.

For eleven years Mr. O’Dell also worked in multiple rolls inside both chambers of the Michigan legislature including with the Speaker of the House and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations committee where he honed his skills in constituent and public relations, government budgeting and auditing processes.

Having grown up in Oakville, Michigan he has a long line of automotive workers and managers in his family dating back to the 1920’s. Having purchased his first classic car at the age of sixteen (a car still in his collection) Mr. O’Dell enjoys collecting petrolia memorabilia, Edison cylinder players along with anything connected with the Ford Model T, Shell Oil and the orphan car company of Kaiser-Frazer.

Having studied historic site preservation upon entering college, he went on to major in Political Science and Labor Management Relations while at Washtenaw Community College and the American University in Washington, D.C.

He currently serves as the Michigan Policy Campaign Manager for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. And serves as President of the Central Michigan T’s which is associated with the Model T Ford Club International.

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