Robert Kreipke, Chairman


Robert Kreipke is Ford Motor Company's Corporate Historian and Creative Manager. Bob's career at Ford includes producing awarding winning films and videotapes, producing live shows, and executive strategic planning. Bob has also authored two international books – Ford Motor Company, the First 100 Years and The Model T.

In addition to becoming Ford's Corporate Historian, Bob directs various nationally recognized films, including award winning documentaries shown on PBS.

His still photography and videos capture the beauty around the Great Lakes region and are displayed in many museums throughout the state. Bob lectures around the country relaying Ford's colorful heritage.

During the past years he has served as President of several organizations: Oakland County Navy League, The International Television Association, The Detroit Producers Guild, and Historic Fort Wayne Advisory Board.

Bob has also worked as a Disc Jockey on WXYZ and has been a musician since 14. He has performed with many of the early classic rock and roll bands from this area.

Robert Kreipke

Corp. Historian & Manager of Creative Service

Ford Motor Company

World Headquarters, Suite 22

One American Drive

Dearborn, MI 48126

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